Joyful, Inclusive Community
Students develop positive social skills and health self-esteem within an inclusive, caring learning community.
Inquiry Based Learning
Students engage in real world exploration. An inquiry-based approach allows students to actively participate in their learning, think critically and ask great questions.
Differentiated Instruction
Our teachers are committed to helping each child discover their unique gifts and strive for their personal best in the classroom.

Learn how Altair challenges each student at their own level.
Creativity in Action
Creativity should be part of every aspect of life. We help students focus on the process not the results, allowing room for experimentation, self-expression and divergent thought.
Excellence in Gifted Education
Altair is designed to meet the needs of highly gifted learners and develop the innate gifts in every child. Learn more about our program for high-ability students.

Supporting the emotional and academic needs of gifted students in a joyful, inquiry-based learning environment.


Altair Students Stop Pollution

Inspired by a Problem Based Learning unit, Altair students are on a mission to help the environment. First stop: Improve water quality and help the people and animals that depend on clean water sources. Check out their websites: and Pollution Busters


Books for Gifted Readers

Does your precocious reader devour books faster than you can preview them? Ideas for engaging, age-appropriate books are one of our most frequent request. Whether your child loves non-fiction, fantasy, animals, or mysteries, we have child-approved book recommendations for you. 

Upcoming Classes

Preschool Playgroup (ages 3-5)

Art Exploration Class (ages 4-11)

Geography Bee

Please contact us for more information!


Sir Ken Robinson on Education

Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning — creating conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish.