Core Values


6 Simple Rules


1.  View children as individuals, each having a unique pattern of abilities and interests that need to be nurtured.

2.  Children should spend at least part of their time with others of similar interests and abilities to promote healthy social and emotional development.

3.  Children should move as far and as fast in the basic skills as possible.

4.  Children should be allowed to explore, in depth, areas of great interest and, and  should be encouraged to do original, creative work and to purposefully investigate real problems

5.  Children may need mediation, counseling, mentoring and facilitation from caring adults to optimize their potential.

6.  Provide the tools for life-long learning. This includes: Research skills; higher order thinking skills; creativity skills; communication skills; study skills and managing time; and metacognitive skills.

6 Simple Rules by Dr. LeoNora Cohen, OSU  

With gratitude to Dr. Cohen, a true advocate for children and a kind and generous mentor to The Altair School.