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Fire Tablet

Although I prefer real books, the Fire is awesome for travel and families on the go. Has your child ever packed half a suitcase of books for 3-day trip? Mine has. Trying lugging that through security!  The Fire allows kids to check-out and return as many books as they want.

Your local library may books available for e-readers. The Washington County library system has a wide selection of e-books. If you have Amazon Prime already, check out their selection of books and magazines that come free with your account. Amazon has a book subscription service, Kindle Unlimited , if you’re not finding the books you want at your library or Prime account. The Fire Kids Tablet has a padded case. In general, we do not recommend screens for children under 6, but maybe you want a more drop-proof case for your older kid…or you! 🙂


As a parent and teacher, this is one of my favorite games. Why? Because it’s a fun, strategic, cooperative game. Did I mention cooperative? Many cooperative games fall flat on fun and replay value, but Pandemic is always a crowd pleaser.