Language Arts 

Our curriculum takes a thematic and literature-based approach to many subjects, including Language Arts. Students develop the skills they need to think critically about their reading material. Children will practice vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and performing arts through Reader’s Theater, which is a fun approach to developing a deeper understanding of the topic.


Altair teachers are trained in the Writers Workshop approach. Students are immersed in the writing process, allowing them to bring their thoughts alive on the page. Young authors practice the writing process, from drafting to revising to publishing. They learn how to create different styles of written expression. Writer’s Notebook will be used as a vehicle for self-expression and fostering a love of writing.

For handwriting, we will introduce cursive and calligraphy in addition to traditional handwriting. Many children are inspired by the myriad artistic forms of script, making practicing fine motor skills more creative and enjoyable.


Our goal is to inspire curiosity and wonder about the world around us. Students put the scientific method to vigorous use as they learn and discover the world around them. Children will be encouraged to take risks, learn from their failures and persevere. Science class will be at least one hour (often longer!) to allow for plenty of hands-on exploration and discovery.

Social Studies

Social Studies comes alive with simulations, field trips, role playing, historical fiction texts, map making, and more.  Students study the world with the eyes of an explorer, asking questions and learning about history, geography, civics, government, and economics.


Art of Problem Solving / Beast Academy is the foundation of our math curriculum for our older children, with supplementation from other sources and plenty of math games to make practicing computation more fun. For younger children, we use Miquon Math Lab, Singapore Math, and Life of Fred. Math is primarily self-paced and ability-grouped. Mathematics will also be incorporated into other subjects such as economics and science.


At Altair, Technology is a tool, not a substitute teacher. Technology will be incorporated into select projects where it can help children express their ideas, such as creating a video to culminate a group project. Special activities like Scratch programming and Lego Mindstorms will also be offered.


Children are natural engineers. They are fascinated with designing their own creations, taking things apart, and figuring out how things work. We will leverage their natural curiosity as we explore multiple areas of engineering, such as civil engineering (e.g. bridge building), aerospace engineering (e.g. rockets!) , and mechanical engineering (e.g. simple machines).

Art & Music

The need to see the world through a diverse and unique set of lenses is central to understanding problems and discovering solutions. Through the arts, our students explore their own imaginative worlds and gain first-hand experience with the incredible creative power of the human mind. Music, art, drama, and dance are incorporated into learning activities to create an integrated fine arts program.  Students also engage in weekly art and music classes with specialists giving students the opportunity deeply explore these subject areas.